Windsor Street

by The Static Shift

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Our first full length album titled "Windsor Street" was released on May 25th, 2014. We are thrilled to be able to say that all three of us recorded our instruments all at the same time, in the same room, without the aid of a click track. Ten songs lovingly crafted into a long play album that flows from beginning to end the way albums used to be made. With no concern for song times, it's a journey that takes you back to a time when records were made to be listened to all the way through. We can't wait for you to hear it!

We would like to thank our family and friends for all their support and encouragement. Special thanks to Yamaha Canada Music, Toad Hall Studios (Whistler), Axe Music, and Phil and Jan Gregory for helping us see this project become a reality. A special shout out to the three J's, who we could not have done this without.


released May 25, 2014

Mitchell Brady: Guitar / Lead Vocals
Keone Friesen: Bass / Back-Up Vocals / Harmonica
Isaiah Stonehouse: Drums / Back-Up Vocals

Recorded live off the floor in Revelstoke, BC at Phil's place

Additional Instrumentation
Brendan Waters: B3 Organ, Wurly, and Rhodes
Phil Gregory: Harmonica
Christian Stonehouse: Various keys, sound elements and pieces

Produced, mixed, and mastered by
Christian Stonehouse
House of Stone Studios
Calgary, AB



all rights reserved


The Static Shift Calgary, Alberta

Trio band // Calgary, AB // Rock, blues, alternative //

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Track Name: Gates of Dawn
You know that I love you so
I think of you everywhere I go
The piper at the gates of dawn
Will never let you go until you show him what's beyond

Here comes the snow
It's coming to get you, doll

Velvet shades of green and blue
Cannot express what color is you
Our happiness is just a drop of pure bliss
But they all knew it was just a hit and miss

The mask that is worn
Could pierce through like a thorn
What's lying in the abyss
Is just that final kiss
Oh it's that final kiss
Track Name: Marguerite
Marguerite from across the street
She really doesn't wear shoes on her feet
She's got a personality that you can't beat
She's got her head right into the clouds
Tele runs away but she can be found
She’s got her love that is plastered on the rounds

Marguerite! Marguerite!
Marguerite! Marguerite!

She's not really the person that you think she is
She's got the rest of her life to live
Hold on she's got something to say
The sky looks blue today

Marguerite! Marguerite! She's so lovely
Marguerite! Marguerite!

She's really close to the earth
And she'll never say goodbye
She says I love you
Love you till I die
Track Name: Needs and Greeds
The needs and greeds of another mans needs
Makes you wonder what happens when he pleads
Does he get down on his knees
Well maybe in your dreams

While people got their fantasies, while people got their fantasies
We got our needs and greeds

Well in your fantasy
You run, you run and leave
You run to the sea
Just to find me
Track Name: I Won't Do That
My baby, my baby don't treat me like that
I have respect, but never like that
I don't think too highly of the people I once knew
For I know that my woman will come back soon
You shook me, you shook me all night long
No not like that, you've got it all wrong
I want you to know I've been thinking a lot
And you still got me wrapped in your big love knot

But I won't do that, no I won't do that
I will never do that, no I won't do that

I've been walking around, from town to town
Trying to forget all those things I left hanging around
There's still one thing that I think you forgot
Oh babe, it's that big love knot
I tried, I tried, I tried, I know!
Please don't leave me lying here in the cold
If there's one thing I do right before I die
It's that one thing that'll make me satisfied
Track Name: Motionless
I lay motionless, in disbelief
Not knowing this is slowly killing me

I don't know where to go
The little man inside my head
Slowly pushing me
Until I drop dead

The walls are closing in, inside his mind
The footsteps are ringing like the chimes
Track Name: You Don't Know Me
You don’t know what I feel
You don’t know what I said
You don’t know what I have
In my memories, yeah, my memories
You know I’ve seen the baddest of them all
The ones with the scars
And the one’s who’ve lost it all, yeah, lost it all

You know I’ve seen you in misery
But I have seen you
As happy as can be, yeah, happy as can be
You know, some say life is a game of fun
But if that’s true
It’s only just begun, yeah, just begun
Track Name: Early Morning Blues
Every morning
I get up with the blues
Every morning
I get up without you, babe
You know if I don't find my baby
I won't know what else to do

But stop
Do I really need you?
But stop pretty baby
Do I really need you?
You don't give me any of your loving
Why should I give mine to you?

Every morning
I get up and play my guitar
Every morning
I get up and play my guitar, yeah
Good ol' Leslie
She's all I need to survive, she's all I need

She sounds like silver
She can also sound like rain
Oh I find it funny
How she goes
And she rattles my brain
Let's do it one more time again
Track Name: White Car
All the girls that I have met
Tell me things that I don’t get
They tell me I’m hypnotized
What’s the point?
At least I have a life

In my white car
My white car

Driving in my white car
One that can drive very far
Driving right to your house
To make everything a living hell
Track Name: Red Jacket Man
He walks home everyday
It's plus twenty, with a breeze
He wears a big red winter jacket
That he finds comfy
He talks about the TV
All the games that he's played
Sometimes, he goes on and on for days
He's got time cause he's so young
He's a king who walks the earth
He's got creativity galore
Since the day of his birth

Red jacket man, red jacket man
Won't you show us what's in your head?
Red jacket man, red jacket man
Oh he's a man, oh he's a man
Beneath the skin, oh he's a man

I don't know what's gonna happen
When this yellow bus pulls up
Maybe it will take him to a place
Where he might shut up
But he will walk home still
Through the plains of his mind
And a song in the distance
Will be of his time

Red jacket man, red jacket man
Won't you show us what's in your head?
Red jacket man, red jacket man
Oh he's a man, oh he's a man,
Beneath the red, oh he's a man
Track Name: Shades of Light
Welcome, welcome
To a shade of light
Welcome, welcome
Don't be afraid to fly
Don't be afraid to die
I'm walking inside a field of green
But at the end of the day
It's all just another dream

Like a caterpillar, like a caterpillar
In a cocoon
Like a baby, like a baby
In the womb
Oh there's nothing I can do
The walls are closing in on you
There's only one thing to do
You gotta break on through

Lost friends
And old lovers
The hand is moving
So don't be like the others
Down by the water side
Is where my heart lies
And I just keep on walking
Watching all these eyes

All you angels
With a broken wing
You better not give up now
It's only just one thing
To come of age in a dark place
They call the human race
If I could only love one
It would be by your pace