At Odds - EP

by The Static Shift

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released June 4, 2015

The Static Shift is:
Mitchell Brady - Guitar / Lead Vocals
Keone Friesen - Bass / Backup Vocals
Isaiah Stonehouse - Drums / Backup Vocals

We would like to thank family and friends, Yamaha Canada Music, Toad Hall Studios (Whistler), and House of Stone Studios for all their ongoing support and commitment.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Christian Stonehouse
(House of Stone Studios, Calgary, AB)
Black Smoke lyrics written by Tal Bachman
All other songs written by The Static Shift
Recorded live off the floor at House of Stone Studios
Additional Instrumentation:
Brendan Waters - B3 Organ and Keys
Christian Stonehouse - Various keys, sound elements, and pieces



all rights reserved


The Static Shift Calgary, Alberta

Trio band // Calgary, AB // Rock, blues, alternative //

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Track Name: O Captain! My Captain!
O Captain, my captain
They're here on time
Just like you said
Presisely at nine
Sweaty fingers
On the trigger of life
Better watch out
Run for your life

This pain
Is going on in my mind
Not too sure if I'm
Going to make it this time

Why don't we hold on to the dream?
Why don't we hold on to the dream?
Why don't we live that fantasy?
Why don't we hold on to the love?

You know I've been running, I've been running!
For miles and miles
I'm not sure where I should go
But I do believe I'm in my prime
You know I've been crying
I've been crying
All over the road
I've been lost and can't go home
Track Name: Black Smoke
You see a shooting star come nearer
And when it gets nearer, you finally see
That what you thought was getting clearer
Is black smoke in the mirror
And it’s nothing you need
You hear the footsteps coming closer
And now that they’re closer
You finally hear the sound of thunder like a nightmare
Man it was right there
And it’s something you fear

And it’s all over now
You can’t make this anyhow
Now you’re staring at the sky
Watching black smoke rushing by, rushing by

Ten million faces looking at you
All knowing that you can hardly believe
That anyone could run right through you
And now it’s happening to you
And it’s something to see

Who turned the lights out?
Who made the whole world spin?
Who left you reeling
And wound up stealing the game you thought you’d win?

Hey man you did all that you could do
It’s all anyone would do, but it wasn’t enough
The story is only getting clearer
This black smoke in the mirror
Was just too tough
Track Name: Try Me
You know I’ve been going down
This lonely, dusty road
Why won't you just join me here?
For I’m only on my own

And these days, they're just the same
So please why can't you see
All you gotta do is try me

Oh these eyes, they have been wandering
For the longest time
And you don’t think I’ve been looking around
But I’ve been looking for awhile
Track Name: The Valley
In the evening, I looked out to the west
Noticing the sun, and how it sets
In the evening, I look out to the east
Noticing the castles made out of rotting thieves
Don't you hear them calling you?

And then I followed him down to the way
Where their hermit keeps his lantern glowing
Don't you know, don't you know that it makes me regret
All that we had, and all that we left

I don't wanna make up my mind
I'm done wasting my time

I can hear it calling me back home
The wind is my home
The wise men are growing old
Just let me go back home

Then I followed him down to the day
Where the summertime is coming my way
And you know, that baby I've been crying so long
These tears we have, they're almost gone

Then I saw a man with his clothing full of dreams
And it appeared to me that it's not always what it seems